2014 – Minimalism

Spend a little time on Pinterest and you’ll find that especially in the organization and home category there’s a trend called minimalism. Now I don’t know if it’s really a trend or if these people have been around forever but it’s not something I’ve ever been exposed to. Perhaps that’s just because my family is all hoarders or maybe I live a sheltered life within the confines of stuff.

So anyways as I started the Dave Ramsey plan I started to come to realize that a lot of our money is spent on stuff. And I don’t just mean food,  because in our house we spend a lot of money on food. Doesn’t matter if it’s takeout, carry out, dining out, or dining in  we spend a lot for two people –  and I am terrified that that number is going to continue to grow as our little boy does.  Anyway… I’ve tried to find ways to become gazelle  intense  and I kept stumbling across the concept of selling  stuff.  If you don’t use it get rid of it,  if you don’t love it get rid of it,  if you can’t prove a damn good reason to keep it…  Get rid of it.  People will buy anything, the proof is  in my basement. There is shit everywhere.  Now I’m not saying that I’m actually going to get rid of a bunch of stuff  or that I’ll make a lot of money doing so but I figure it is worth a try.

So I started googling minimalism  or minimalist lifestyle. Since this is a relatively foreign concept to me I figured I better do my research before I jump in and call myself a minimalist.  After a few Google searches, a couple webpages,  and a good look through my closet (the parts of it I can see any way)  I have decided I will never be a minimalist…  But… I agree, I have too much stuff.

So then I stumbled upon this concept of getting rid of  an equivalent number of items within your house  as the year. Now I don’t know if I described that correctly  but the basics are: this is 2014  so, over the course of the next year I need to get rid of 2,014  items with in my house.  I’m sure I could cheat and start counting things like the cans that go in the trash  or fingernail clippings (gross!)  But I’ve decided if I’m going to do this I’m going to do it right…  So,  we are 13 days in and I have successfully gotten rid of  78 items.

Among them, a slew of cloth diapers that  little man has outgrown,  a collection of shipping boxes I had been saving for  the thousands of things I’m going to sell on eBay (yeah, right!),  as well as some miscellaneous Christmas crap.

I think I could quadruple the goal, make it 10,000 items  and my house would still be a mess,  cluttered,  and I would still misplace my keys…  But just like the Dave Ramsey plan I need baby steps!

So to my readers, do you live the minimalist lifestyle?  If so did you overcome hoarding?  Any tips for a newbie?

If you are stuck in hoarders hell like me –  care to join me on this  endeavor?


2 thoughts on “2014 – Minimalism

  1. callmekirsten says:

    I feel that I am a semi-minimalist. I hate clutter and extra stuff. Any chance I have to get rid of something I take it. I am always listing my crap on eBay too. One piece of advice would be going forward if you get something, toss something. Get a new handbag? Get rid of one. Buy a new shirt? Get rid of one. Good luck! haha

  2. Maggie says:

    Thanks Kirsten. I need to do more like 1 in 5 out!

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