Birthdays and such

My birthday is nine days away. When my dear husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said that I didn’t need anything. This went on for the better part of two weeks, before he finally reminded me that he wasn’t asking me what I needed but what I wanted. I started to think of things that I wanted, everything I could come up with was either ridiculously expensive, takes up too much space, or it isn’t something that can be bought.

What I really want is peace of mind.  You can’t buy that.

Of course I would love a new lens for my digital camera –  it’s only $1300…  I would like a new iPad  for no reason other than to have the latest and greatest one.  I want a new phone  because the android that I have sucks.  There’s a list of items that may be considered needs  that I could ask for.  I need  new pants,  a few well fitting shirts,  a couple of shells to wear under my suit,  another pair of shoes for work.  However, I can survive with what I have.

So after thinking about it for a few days I decided that what I really wanted was an experience. I wanted a family  centered event  for us to attend or go see  or do together.  now that is obviously quite hard when you consider that we have a seven-month-old.  however we live in an excellent area for  free  or not so free  experiences.  it just so happens that I came across a woman online  who was offering up two free tickets to the Baltimore Aquarium.  We live about two hours south of Baltimore and I have always wanted to go to the aquarium there.  I contacted her and within 24 hours the tickets were on their way.  now I know the fact that I was so frugal probably annoyed my husband however,  the tickets were free, it is something I wanted to do, and I know I will be happy.  will I be a bit happier knowing that we didn’t spend additional money? Absolutely.  But this was more a divine intervention situation  than anything – and I have to admit I’ve also requested crabcakes so it’s not like my birthday is really going to be “free”.

The nice thing is I’ve left the rest of the planning up to my husband. He loves to do these kinds of things and try to surprise me. I’m very lucky in that respect. He always wants the best for me and he wants to see me happy. Right now I am overjoyed at the fact that I will get to do something I wanted to do, with my husband and son for my birthday… The fact that we are saving money is merely a bonus.



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