$25 – Why I hate Dave Ramsey

Last night I received a $25 money order for selling 7 cloth diapers on Facebook. I normally do all the transactions via Paypal but the woman was insistent and I figured the worst she could do was not send it, in which case I would relist the diapers.


The point is that I have the $25 money order sitting here staring at me. If it was in Paypal I could just sit on the money until the desire to buy something through a co-op came up (or an awesome deal on a new carrier or wrap… or super cute AIO Diaper… or…)

I’m getting side tracked again.

So… Damn you Dave Ramsey. This is why I hate you. I woke up to that damn $25 money order sitting on the counter just screaming to me, “spend me! spend me!” while the DR in my head was saying “Get Gazelle Intense”. 4 hours later I gave in… I spent the $25 money order and now I’m pissed about it.

Screw you Dave Ramsey for making me want to scream “I’m debt free” so fucking bad (yes, I’m this angry!) that I spent that $25 on our truck loan. No toys for me… just another $25 thrown at a debt we never should have had if we would have known you a couple years ago.

so Dave, you win this time… even if it was just $25.


One thought on “$25 – Why I hate Dave Ramsey

  1. callmekirsten says:

    He does get in your head!!! He makes me rethink everything….

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