Positive Twist

2 days before Christmas my boss sent me a message asking me to call her. I work from home most days and although I had no reason to suspect I would be laid off a momentary panic crossed my mind.

As it turned out – even though our company is facing tough times – I was being rewarded for my hard work and dedication over the last year with a pay increase. Not just an increase, but $10,000 more for 2014! My first thought was excitement that I would have the ability to spend more, finally add to my wardrobe, spoil my son… then I realized that I should pretend I never got the raise at all. I don’t “need” it, we can survive without…

So on 1/15 my first check of the year came in and I finally had a dollar value to assign to my pocketbook – $336 more per pay period, $672 a month. Nearly $700 that I was not counting on having that I can now….. snowball!

Next to-do was to plug that figure into my snowball spreadsheet and the result was AMAZING. It made our “debt free date” move forward by 6 months! We are now looking at having zero debt except our mortgage on June 30, 2015!

AHHHHH! July 1, 2015 I’m buying that lens I want for my camera 🙂


One thought on “Positive Twist

  1. callmekirsten says:

    CONGRATS! That’s so exciting! What a HUGE increase! I listen to the Dave Ramsey show and notice when people call in to say they’re debt free, they usually go up in pay along the way. The hard work gets noticed or something. I’m excited your debt free date was moved up. I bet it will get moved up again!

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