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We’re on “Vacation”

Dave says not to take a vacation unless you can pay cash for it… well, we had one planned already that was mostly paid for by my in-laws. We traveled to Florida for my husband’s grandfather’s 90th birthday. It was to say the least interesting traveling with a 4 month old and a budget.

We did okay in the grand scheme of things. We had a couple purchases at the airport, two stops at CVS (diapers! oops!) and a hefty parking fee at the airport ($84) but otherwise we ate in and refused to spend… until we hit the outlet mall. Very guiltily I purchased a new diaper bag for myself and splurged at the Carter’s outlet. $190 later lesson learned. I also scored a deal on a Coach Iphone5 case for my sister for Christmas – it was nearly 70% off!

The good news is that we have not yet “blown the budget” and we did much better than I think we would have done before Dave.


not-so-happy Holidays?

Last night Hubby says to me that he needs my permission to buy two things.

1. an anniversary gift for me that he has already selected
2. an item I have already forgotten what it was

now, the fundamental issue is that my brain has already shut off the lower priced item, which I believe we actually did need or could justify, because it is hung up on the larger amount which he is intending to spend.

I put $400 in the budget for this month for gifts. We need to start buying for Christmas so I didn’t want a windfall of money leaving our account in December. We agreed to spend $100 per person for each parent and sibling (that’s $700), then probably $100 on each of us and baby boy. $1000 Christmas and we haven’t bought food, given to charity, or bought for grandparents. Yikes!

The other thing that gets us is that we have Brother’s birthday, Brother-in-Laws Birthday, and Dad’s birthday all in November. We have Father-in-law’s and Mom’s birthday in December, and Mother-in-laws and my own birthday in January. If we continue this spending pattern it is no wonder each February we discover that we have spent another $2000 on credit cards.

Now we need to have a serious talk – figure out where we can skimp, and probably be honest with family that we are trying to get out of debt and would appreciate if we cut back our spending over the holidays significantly. That talk has to start between Hubby and I but I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.

… for the record I was planning to spend $41 on his anniversary gift