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One week in

Yesterday officially ended the first week of our modified DR plan. We managed to blow the budget on home repairs – that “Man Store” trip came in at $168 and I forgot that we owed $200 towards our deck – so much for the $50 I had budgeted.

I was feeling motivated yesterday so I paid all the months bills including those that are due at the end of the month. I want to do that from now on so that I can really see what is left in the budget. The good news is that I was able to rearrange some things and paid the car insurance in full (saves us $100!) and because I had previously transferred money to pay down debt I put $1000 towards our next CC on the list. It feels so good!

I am concerned about the food budget though. We have spent $300 of the $400 for the month already. $231 at Costco this weekend :-/ the dog food and disposable diapers were $70 of it. (I don’t know how people use disposables full time, wow! they are expensive!)

I’m feeling good. I’m feeling like this could be worth it… not sure what Hubby is feeling but he isn’t complaining too much so far 🙂

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Love those words.

Yesterday I paid off the CitiCard and Best Buy card.

YAY!!! I originially planned to pay down other cards first because the Best Buy was interest free but it felt so good to have one paid off I asked Hubby his thoughts. He said it definitely sounds better to have 2 paid off than just one. Sounds like motivation to me!

I also sunk $1000 into the next CC on the list! Let’s go snowballin’!